From crystal… to “pâte de cristal”

dali daum savoir faire

Molding of the model

    Starting from sketches, the sculptor creates an initial model in clay. The volume, details and expressions are worked to perfection. Once the sculpture is finished, it is used to generate a negative mold in elastomer.  

    Wax pouring 

      The hot wax is poured into the hollow mold, emptied of the original sculpture.

        Reproduction in wax 

        Once the wax sets, the wax sculpture is removed from its mold.

        A perfect reproduction 

        The wax sculpture can be chiseled and worked to obtain a perfect reproduction, identical to the original. The wax model is then immersed and encased in heat-resistant plaster. The block of plaster containing the wax model is placed in an oven. Under the action of the heat, the wax melts and runs out of the plaster block through specially-created drain holes. The wax is said to be « lost ».

        Filling molds with groisil (coarsely crushed crystal) 

        Once all the wax run out of the plaster block, the hollow part of the mold thus created is carefully filled with fragments of crystal of different colors and different sizes (called groisil).

        Finishing process

          Once cooled, the plaster mold is carefully broken, to reveal the sculpture in pâte-de-cristal. There remain a number of finishing operations to be carried out before proceeding with the quality control inspections to ensure the quality of the materials and the distribution of the colors.

          Finishing and Signature 
          After the finishing operations, control inspections are made to ensure the quality of the materials and the distribution of colors. The piece is then ready to receive the final touch: the Daum signature. The entire process is carried out for each new piece. Each piece is unique.

          Final Piece 



          You can admire the exceptional color blend and the sculpture details finely hand-crafted. This unique know-how gives birth to exceptional pieces.


          Artistic Collaboration 

          From the Ecole de Nancy, from l’Art Nouveau to Arts Décoratifs, from Majorelle to DaliArman and Hilton McConnico, Daum has not missed any of the magic rendez-vous of the artistic creation and modern savoir-faire, which has always rende the alliance of art ans art craft. Few brands have worked with as many artists: within more than 130 years, more than 350 exceptional signatures have constituted a heritage beyond compare, a unique collection.