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Street art or urban art was born in France in 1968. This contemporary artistic movement traces its origin to the graphic disciples that varies from comics to posters.

Cyril Kongo, is a self-taught artist who has established himself over the period of 20 years, in the artistic field and the French culture, both in Europe and worldwide. His mastery of discipline and his membership in the mythic group MAC for over twenty years, have made him one of the major representatives of the graffiti world.

During an artistic encounter on the streets of Paris one summer evening, Daum was fascinated by the demonstration of Kongo, and decided to give a new dimension to this art, crystallizing the iconic object of this universe ‹ the spray-paint can.

For Daum, Kongo has created Singapore with love, Paris with love and New York with love, three spray-paint cans which are made of Òp‰ te de cristalÓ, with a spray tip in gold. The artist makes each piece unique by personalizing it one by one. This association of Daum's "pâte de cristal" and the colourful universe of Kongo seems obvious. Live the life you love, love the life you live, is the philosophy that the well-known graffitist tries to communicate through his works. With Daum, Kongo has found an astonishing medium to express his art.

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