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In honor of Daum's 140th anniversary, the crystal manufacturer wished to reinterpret its iconic "Lampe Champignon." Named "Résonance" and produced in a numbered series, this rounded lamp sports a new contemporary design and is available in four colors: boréal green, Parisian grey, and rosewood red.

In the 19th century, the Daum brothers were the first to dress electric light with glass, in association with the artists of the time such as Majorelle or the talented designer Henry Bergé. These talented men built the famous "École de Nancy."

A symbol of creativity and savoir-faire, this collection perfectly reflects the work of the "pâte de cristal" of the Daum atelier in Nancy, France. The champagne-colored metal structure adds a touch of elegance and modernity to the collection. The softly colored crystal sparkles to life as the light shines through it. Through its LED light, the lamp unveils a shower of bubbles engraved in the lamp-shade. Loyal to its DNA, the Manufacture continues to take part in the history of Design.

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