Collection: Paon by Madeleine van der Knoop

Madeleine van der Knoop lives and works near Antwerp, Belgium. Known and recognized on the international scene for her bird sculptures, this talented artist has a special gift for representing animals with an intense realism. The sculptor perfectly transposes what she perceives in the right proportions, while adding a personal touch to her creations.

Created from the original work of Madeleine van der Knoop, the Tropical Peacock in crystal was realised by the ateliers of Daum, using the lost-wax technique. The crystal sculpts the light and reveals the extreme elegance of the peacock and its ocellated plumage. The magnificent shades of blue-green and violet, sublimated by its eyes in diamonds and amethysts, accentuate the beauty of this ornamental animal.

A unique know-how was essential for the realization of this exceptional work. The sculpture impresses with its luminous beauty, its spectacular presence and its precious finishes. Each piece in this limited edition of 8 celebrates the exceptional know-how of the Daum crystal manufacturer and the talented artist Madeleine van der Knoop.

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  • Tropical Peacock by Madeleine van der Knoop
    Tropical Peacock by Madeleine van der Knoop
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