Royal Eagle by Madeleine van der Knoop 375 ex

Royal Eagle by Madeleine van der Knoop 375 ex

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Limited edition of 375

H: 12.8" L: 10.21" W: 7.1"

12.1 lbs

• Eyes in glass

• Beak in gilded polished bronze

• Base in patinated bronze

• Body in crystal paste

Madeleine van der Knoop lives and works in Belgium. Well-renowned on the international  scene for her bird sculptures, she observes her subject closely—down to the most minute details— before beginning a sketch of her work, where movement occupies a primordial dimension.

Daum has renewed its collaboration with Madeleine van der Knoop to create this "Royal Eagle," a powerful and majestic sculpture of an eagle's head, in a limited edition of 375 pieces. The crystal paste medium gives life to the nuances of dark and light colors, reinterpreting each minute detail that has been finely-worked by the artisans at Daum's Nancy studio.