Safran Large Decorative Flower

Safran Large Decorative Flower

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H: 4.3’’ L: 4.3’’ W: 5.1''

1 lbs

Deriving from crocus sativus in latin, the saffron flower is one of the most valued flowers in the world, for its singular pistils that make precious spices. The saffron spice obtained is one of the most expensive in the world, earning its name “red gold”.

Cultivated since the fifth century BC in the Middle East, saffron was renowned for its therapeutic qualities and was seen in abundance at the table of Achaemenid rulers. Today, it sublimates the finest dishes, tints the noblest ornaments, and adds light to the most sophisticated cosmetics.

150,000 to 300,000 flowers are harvested to obtain just 1 kilo of saffron. The pistils are handpicked, flower by flower, with a delicate gesture, just like the sculptor who composes the bouquet and the carpet of saffron on the vases of this collection.

An ode to a demanding and delicate nature, the Safran collection narrates the story of the blossoming of the flower in the sandy and sunny lands, and the harvesting of the pistils so fragile and yet so precious. Like the yellow-gold spice that colors the dishes, the Safran pieces are rich in warm colors, evolving from amber to red.