Tendresse by Laurence Bonnel

Tendresse by Laurence Bonnel

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Limited edition of 125

H: 24" L: 4.5" W: 4.5"

14.8 lbs

Daum unveils a new work of art by Laurence Bonnel, titled "Tendresse." The sculpture is highly stylized, with elongated, pure lines representing a pair embracing. This piece plays with themes of humanity, particularly that of the romantic couple, which is central to Bonnel's body of work.

Born in 1976 in Paris, Laurence Bonnel discovered the art of sculpture in 1998, through her Art History and Literature courses that revolved around figuration.

The human figure plays an essential role in Bonnel's work. She creates architectural, almost primitive silhouettes, which emanate a grand presence. The motif of the human shape, that of couples and that of the crowd, is recurrent and central in her portfolio, and her formal stylization immediately evokes the spindly forms of Giacometti, or the Cubist bodies of Zadkine.

Bonnel creates "silhouettes without faces, but expressive. Like the difficult experience of questioning oneself." The Silhouettes transmit their narrative through the inner and subjective experience of the spectator. The process of identification takes place: the more one observes the Silhouette, the more one observes herself.

“I have always been fascinated by the “savoir-faire,” Bonnel says. "I opened a gallery in which I exhibit art furniture and works with a common characteristic: the excellence of realization."

"The discovery of the Daum workshops came from my passion for the arts and crafts. Their collaborations with the biggest artists of the time for more than a century has always been a part of Daum, well before many other luxury brands, creating a very strong link with Fine Art."

"For me, crystal remains a magical and mysterious material. During my visit to the Daum workshops, I realized that the work is quite similar to that of the bronze foundry, even though the material is quite the opposite: fragile and unpredictable. Each sculpture, however reproducible, takes life differently, and becomes unique. Thanks to the technical mastery of Daum, the crystal gives a new meaning, a particular emotion, to my work.” —Laurence Bonnel