Vegetal Table in Blue-Grey

Vegetal Table in Blue-Grey

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6-piece Vegetal Table

Numbered edition

Bright polished stainless steel structure

Tempered glass table top

Crystal stand: H: 29.5" Ø: 39.4" / 275.6 lbs

Table top sold separately: available in Ø: 55.1" (Ref. 05501) / Ø: 59" (Ref. 05502) / Ø: 63" (Ref. 05503)

The wild, luxuriant, and abundant character of nature expresses itself in the Vegetal collection by way of a delicate vegetal motif, which Daum has continued to reinvent, paying tribute to nature for over 140 years. Nature and its rounded, harmonious, and delicate forms have inspired Daum’s creations since the Art Nouveau period, of which Daum acted as a major player. The pieces of the Vegetal collection are genuine ornamental masterpieces that testify to the prowess of Daum’s workshops in the production of exceptional pieces.